National Flood Insurance Program

Marsh Road

In October of 2013 the Select Board adopted the existing interim bylaws as an ordinance.  The Town of Isle La Motte now participates in the Regular Phase of the NFIP.

Flood insurance is available to local property owners and may be purchased through any insurance agent licensed to do business in the State where the insurable property is located.  There is a 30 day waiting period before a newly purchased flood insurance policy takes effect or for any additional coverage or endorsement that may increase policy limits.

There are ten exceptions to the 30 day waiting period.  The two most frequent are : (1) when the initial purchase of flood insurance is in connection with the making, increasing, extension, or renewal of a loan, there is no waiting period and coverage is effective immediately;  and (2) when the purchase of flood insurance is related to a revision or update of a Flood Insurance Boundary Map or Flood Insurance Rate Map (FIRM), there is a one day waiting period.

The FIRM for Isle La Motte became effective on April 15, 1980.  It established a Base Flood Elevation (BFE) of 102 feet.  Prior to the Town of Isle La Motte applying for acceptance into the program in January of 2012, the Select Board approved Interim Inundation Hazard Area Regulations.  These were required for acceptance into the program.  They are available for review on the Town of Isle La Motte web page.   The regulations apply to only those areas falling below 102 feet.  This is referred to as the Special Flood Hazard Area (SFHA).

During calendar year 2012 five permits were applied for and approved.  One of the five required a hearing process since it represented a substantial improvement.  A substantial improvement is one as being more than 50 percent of the assessed value of the primary residence.  The approved regulations required the improvement to have an elevation of 105 feet.

It is the intent of those administering the program to make the application process a friendly and non-adversarial while complying with the regulations.  The primary intent of the NFIP is to minimize any future buildings from flood damage and to provide affordable flood insurance to property owners.

The following are suggestions to avoid any unnecessary problems.

1.  The FIRM is posted in the Town Hall.  It will provide you with a good idea as to where your property is located.

2.  Construction along the lake front which extends below the 102 feet level is subject to the regulations.

3.  Any construction falling below 98 feet also requires the approval of the Army Corps of Engineers.

4.  Keep in mind the Town’s 25 feet Right of Way from the center of the Town road when constructing along the shoreline.  Any questions should be directed to the Town Clerk.

The following individuals have volunteered their time for this program.

Planning Commission

Sylvia Jensen
Betty Lockerby
Cathy Tudhope

Administrative Officers

Paul Hinman
John Littlefield